I’m Gregory Shea, Founder and Portfolio Manager at De Novo Capital LLC.  I believe that investment management should be simple, transparent, and put the clients’ interests first.

I began my career as a lawyer, but in 2008 after witnessing the global financial crisis and crash of the financial markets, I became frustrated with the financial industry.  I educated myself in investing and seized control of my own assets.  Using analytical skills from my experience as a securities litigator, independent training, and common sense, I managed investments for myself and family members for several years.  I founded De Novo Capital to serve clients like myself who seek an independent approach to investing.

This blog is my commentary and musings about stocks and investing, as well as local Granite Bay, Roseville, and Greater Sacramento business issues.  Please read our disclaimer.

De Novo Capital is an investment management firm based in Granite Bay, California (Sacramento area), and manages stock portfolios using separately managed accounts.  If you would like to know more about De Novo Capital’s approach and services, please contact me at greg@denovocapital.com or visit our website, denovocapital.com.